Community benefit

Through our various concepts and companies, Mecide Group AB shall work for a sustainable society, with the aim of contributing to a positive development for society and resource-poor individuals.

  • Inclusion of people in vulnerable areas through employment.
  • Mentoring program for individuals for both personal and professional development.
  • Open doors for people to our contact network/other employers.
  • Contribute with knowledge and finances in social projects.
  • Non-profit involvement in organizations.


Quality combined with efficient delivery times is the group's most important means of competition. Since we operate in various industries, we as a company are proud to be able to deliver products and services with a standard that meets - and in many cases exceeds - the customer's high demands. Ongoing maintenance of development within the various industries and close cooperation with suppliers is the key to success. Leading ideas in the quality work:

  • Actively work with operating manuals and updating them.
  • Continuous development of operations and services.
  • Deliver everything wholeheartedly and with your heart in the right place.
  • Random samples of our various services to maintain the desired quality and durability.


As a community builder, it is important to have an energy-efficient approach in all projects and operations. This is achieved by:

  • Energy efficient equipment.
  • Time control of lighting, kitchen utensils, etc
  • Fewer motorized vehicles for shorter distances in the work.
  • More environmentally friendly alternative for longer transport distances.
  • Consider environmentally friendly & ecological options when purchasing.