Our Vision

Mecide Group AB's vision is to create a sustainable present and future that contributes to the well-being and development of individuals and society.

About Mecide Group

Mecide Group AB is a family-owned company, based in Norrköping, which began its journey in 2014.

The organization consists of a holding company that invests in operating companies, which in turn own the majority of project companies.

Existing operations/projects in the portfolio can be found in the sectors of health and care, textiles, restaurants and land/exploitation projects.

The main purpose of the project companies is to own and operate units within the respective industry, with the aim of developing and expanding the operations, for example through several units within a certain brand.

Profits are reinvested in new projects. The goal is always to find unique businesses and projects with their own niche.

Business idea & Strategy

The group's business concept is to find scalable operations and projects, where clear goals are broken down into a development plan including goals and timetables are nailed down for each project.

The goal of the group is to reinvest the majority of earned capital in new projects with a term of 3-5 years.

A key idea in the strategy is to build up several different projects and brands with the aim of creating a broad project portfolio with holdings that both complement and differentiate each other, in order to create sustainable growth at lower risk


The management team consists of the brothers Samuel, Simon and Viktor Gergin. A close collaboration between the brothers, with a high ceiling, has been and is a decisive success factor for Mecide Group AB's growth. However, the real success factor is the local leadership of each unit/project.

Within each unit/project, there must be clear leadership with designated unit managers and supervisors. Each unit manager reports directly to the management team.

Mecide Group AB shall promote to develop the leadership of individuals, regardless of experience level and age, and promote a culture that invites one's own initiative and responsibility. Also dare to highlight and give responsibility to individuals with backgrounds in socially vulnerable areas for the promotion of inclusive workplaces.

Viktor Gergin, CFO


Samuel Gergin, CEO


Simon Gergin, COO